“PATRÍCIA DINELY interprets Antigone, condemned to death.
(...)The acting is excellent.
PATRICIA DINELY is impeccable as Antigone!"

by Maria Lúcia Candeias (Doctor in Theater from the University of Sao Paulo
Professor at University of Campinas)

“PATRÍCIA DINELY as Antigone, reveals a great actress,
with an excelent body work and self beauty.”

Theater Review
by Pamela Duncan

“The actress that plays Cassandra (PATRÍCIA DINELY) is really exceptional!
(...)Cassandra's screams incessantly echo on my mind.”

by Sérgio Azevedo

“The musical The Lusiads is a success in Sao Paulo.
The Lusiads is one of the most splendid spectacles ever seen in Sao Paulo;
it is up to the level of the greatest Broadway musicals in New York.
The actress PATRÍCIA DINELY as Venus, is one of the highlights of the cast
that has an uneasy mission: memorizing and transmitting to the audience in Sao Paulo the very complex work of Camões, all in verse, and maintaining the original expressions as much as possible.”

CORREIO DA MANHÃ (from Portugal)
by Domingos de Grillo Serrinha

“Antigone is one of the most interesting heroines of the Classical Dramaturgy.
PATRICIA DINELY has an extremely talented performance on her conception of Antigone,
specially on the monologues where the restraint of the emotions give a much more
human nuance that fits perfectly the production.”

by Michel Fernandes

"Patrícia Dinely, An Actress That Has Versatility As Her Trump.

The actress Patricia Dinely is a success on stages all over Brazil.

She didn’t even think about being a stage actress when she was invited to watch a rehearsal and for her surprise she left compromised with a new career: acting. She has been in innumerous plays; she has an incredibly busy working schedule. Sometimes running two different plays at the same time. She is deeply committed to the excellence of all her abilities as an artist
as an actress, dancer and singer.
Today with the experience that comes from being on stage so many times, and with a surprising level of knowledge for her age, she has a very optimistic point of view about the Brazilian Theater, that she considers to be in an excellent period and she foresees even greater development of the arts in Brazil. She was born in the State of Pará and moved to Sao Paulo in 1983. She is now analyzing new proposals to work not only in theater but also TV and cinema."


“Antigone from Sophocles, is a monumental text where the play writer dissects the conflict between the king’s power and the gods power. It is one of the most beautiful texts among the Greek Tragedies. The actress PATRICIA DINELY, that played another great tragedy, Trojan Fragments directed by Antunes Filho, composes her Antigone with
a remarkable mixture of revolt and resignation.”

by Sérgio Rovery

  “It is Beautiful!
Yes, it is, the meaning of the word SPECTACLE. If there are comparisons to be made they are on relation to Theater. Tragedy is usually a genre victim of prejudice, sometimes as boring, tiring or even not fun! Nonsense and ignorance put aside,
Antigone is pure entertainment.
The acting of PATRÍCIA DINELY as Antigone is very precise and well constructed.
The Theater was packed. Remains the hope that the audience have also understood the magnificence and the need of such spectacle of an amazing quality.”

by Alessandra Marques

“The Brazilians of Troy
Not so many miles away from the Trojan ruins, the Brazilian Theater Group Macunaima from Sao Paulo, presented, in the vast and always magic Istanbul, the tragedy THE TROJAN WOMEN, by Euripides, directed by Antunes Filho. The play, invited in June to close the 11th International Theater Festival of the city, goes against the current of the monumental tradition attributed to the genre. The Turkish Theater, also present on the same showing with solid works, all with very talented casts, made an inevitable contrast with Antunes ideas. The audience that filled the theater on the Brazilian nigh seems, by the applauses, to have understood the difference.
The leading cast is brilliant with PATRÍCIA DINELY in Cassandra’s vindictive cholera.”

BRAVO Magazine
by Jefferson Del Rios

“As Kant estates, what distinguishes an artistic object is the form. The good form leads to contemplation and aesthetic pleasure, even when the intention is to influence society. Not contradicting him, modern studiers define art characteristics: analogical discourse and the use of metaphors. With these two definitions is possible to comprehend of which matter Antunes Filho’s art is made of.
With an unusual talent he transforms the obvious in surprising metaphors.
The feminine cast presents an excellent voice work that allows them to emit visceral screams, and transmit the pain without irritating the audience. It is a very pleasant show, even though heavy as it pretends to abominate wars of any kind.”

by Maria Lúcia Candeias

“It is an amazing spectacle.
The cast with PATRICIA DINELY as Cassandra is very well tuned and outstanding. They live the anguish of war with the intonation and the weight of the
greatest tragedies.”

by Aguinaldo Ribeiro da Cunha

“Antunes Filho prepares the premiere of his first Greek Tragedy, an adaptation of
The Trojan Woman by Euripides.
The premiere will take place at the Olympic Theater Festival that will gather
the greatest theater companies of the world. The play also will e presented at the Istanbul International Theater Festival and may arrive at the stage of the SESC Anchieta Theater
in São Paulo by the end of the first semester.
With a career with more than 45 years Antunes arrives at the Greek Tragedy on the moment that he considers to have well prepared actors for this great work.”

BRAVO Magazine - Theater
by Sebastião Milaré

“The play is a delicious game for adults and kids. The 16 voices alternate and gather without any musical instrument in a kind of melodic challenge. The cast is well tuned and very talented. CHIMBIRINS & CHIMBIRONS
is a rewarding enchanted journey.”

“Folha da Tarde - Programe-se
by Marcos Bragato

“In many ways watching THE EMPEROR MASK, the new play of Samir Yazbek,
is a pleasure.
Combining literary excellence, the great performance of the cast and a concise direction (…)
it is certainly one of the most intriguing plays of the season.
The First Lady PATRICIA DINELY is resented with her unstable marriage and with
the lack of effort from her husband to approve the project she is working on.
The acting is very good, it is natural and you can see that they really know what they are discussing.
We can easily recognize a lot of table study and a very accurate diction that makes the excellent dialogues gain strenght and repercussion.”

APLAUSO BRASIL - Último Segundo
by Michel Fernandes