Patricia Dinely has performed leading roles with some of the most prestigious directors in Brazil, 
worldwide recognized  for their contribution to the arts.

She lives in New York City.

Born in Belem do Para, Brazil Patricia Dinely moved to Sao Paulo at the age of nine. She began her acting career at fifteen while watching a rehearsal where she was invited to join the actors on stage. Since then she has embraced acting with a devotion found only on the greatest artists.

"The actress Patricia Dinely is a success on stages all over Brazil."
Augusto Mario Ferreira

Her breadth of work is truly impressive. She has taken on an extraordinary array of roles for such a young actress. Her performances have the grace and dignity of a much more seasoned performer.

"The actress that plays Cassandra (Patrícia Dinely) is really exceptional!"-
Sergio Azevedo - BRASIL ONLINE

Her performance as Cassandra in Euripides’ "Trojan Women," directed by the internationally acclaimed Antunes Filho, was remarkable. They represented Brazil at the International Theater Festival of Istanbul in Turkey, and at the Olympics Theater Festival in Japan among the most important theater companies and directors in the world, including Tadashi Suzuki - Japan; Ariane Mnouchkine - France; Theodorus Terzopolus - Greece; and Bob Wilson - United Sates.

"The acting is excellent. (...)Patricia Dinely is impeccable as Antigone!"
Maria Lucia Candeias - GAZETA MERCANTIL -Teatro

“Patricia Dinely as Antigone, reveals a great actress with an excellent body work and self beauty.”
Pamela Duncan - THEATER REVIEW

She was invited by the Os Satyros Theater Group to play one of the most important roles of theater history, Antigone. With Antigone, Patricia Dinely confirmed her great talent for tragic roles. She has the ability to portray the hardened tenacity and feminine sweetness of the heroine.

Patricia Dinely has also worked with some of the most important contemporary dramaturges in Brazil interpreting roles such as the First Lady on the play “The Emperor Mask” by Samir Yazbek.

In a counterpoint to her talent for Tragedies, Patricia Dinely drove audiences into bursts of laughter when she played the lead role of Proteia in a gender-reversed version of Shakespeare’s
“The Two Gentleman of Verona.” and most recently  in Tom Stoppard's "Travesties".

Patrícia Dinely is one of a kind actress. Her innate passion, strong technical ability, undeniable determination and willingness to accept challenges without hesitation are an asset to any director.